Australia’s leader in sensory tours for vision-impaired travellers keep travellers touring

Australian sensory tour operator Cocky Guides have reviewed and revised existing trips within Australia to protect travellers, trip leaders and community members, during the outbreak of Covid-19, by implementing the following four actions:

  1. For the next 60 days, Cocky Guides have amended trips that use public transport or third party tour operators. These trips will use private minivans that will be exclusive for our small groups.
  2. Activities that involve a large gathering of people, particularly within indoor environments, will be substituted with an alternative experience.
  3. Antibacterial hand wash is available on all tours and vehicles. Face masks are being carried with all first aid kits and will be distributed to travellers who become unwell or present flu-like symptoms. Disposal gloves are provided when travellers require a sighted guide for support on tour.
  4. Cocky Guides will continue to focus on presenting Australian destinations with an emphasis on outdoor activity. Plans to present overseas destination are on hold.

Cocky Guides strive to look for ways to support Australian communities that rely on tourism. The same communities already suffering from the aftermath of unprecedented bush fires and now the Coronavirus. The steps Cocky Guides have taken will ensure they are able to continue to present amazing destinations and support local communities!

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