Ignite your sense of adventure with Cocky Guides!

At Cocky Guides, we specialise in providing unique, multi-sensory adventures for the blind and low-vision community. It’s our number one priority to make sure you feel comfortable, supported and included. More than 350 blind travellers and low vision travellers have experienced day trips, short breaks and road trips to more than 20 destinations across Australia.

Each adventure is designed for travellers who are active and competent with mobility using either cane, guide dog or a companion as a sighted guide. Our trip leaders provide vocal instruction to assist navigate between one and six travellers in areas we know really well. For technical navigation, like stairs or narrow environments, we may travel one at a time with our trip leader providing one on one assistance when requested.

Need a little more help with mobility?

We offer great companion rates on most adventures and also accept the Companion Card on select trip styles. If you require a dedicated trip leader to act as your sighted guide for all or part of any tour, an individual quote can be provided.

All our transport, accommodation, activity and hospitality partners are proud to assist us to deliver our adventures for our travellers and welcome Guide Dogs. Take your pick of our scheduled trips, which are all custom-designed to stir your emotions and senses. Alternatively, we can run most trips on the day of your choice for groups of 4 or more travellers booking together.

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